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Hello party people! We are a fun group of techno lovers who aim to collect useful information about techno artists, event planners, music festivals, techno clubs and party venues and bring it to you in a short, clear and easy to read format. We also keep our eyes on all interesting techno news.

Are you looking for some info about a specific artist or event? You can find it easily on our blog! All info articles are listed in alphabetical order and structured in four main sections: Techno Artists Overview, Event Planners Overview, Music Festivals Overview and Techno Clubs Overview. All you have to do is to go to the right section!

Also, in the right side of the page you will find the Calendar where you can check what music festivals are coming up next.

If there is an article or event that makes you feel excited when you read it, feel free to share the joy with your friends on your social media account.

Go Techno! 😎


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Upcoming Music Festivals - Biggest World Events - next 30 days

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